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Leveraging practical experience in rail

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Leveraging practical experience in rail

Safety is paramount in all industries, none more so than the rail sector. Getting it right from the beginning is no easy task and is often a steep and costly learning curve for those with limited practical experience with developing and applying safety management systems.

We understand the pressures placed on projects and operational budgets and schedules, and the need to deliver products in tight timescales that are right first time.  

Using our experience of delivering safety critical projects, we are confident in providing you with a unique front end loaded systems approach. This approach has been tested over many years of SIL 3 and above applications providing genuine value and satisfaction to our customers.

John Siliquini – Project Engineering Manager MRX Technologies

"HIMA was able to provide the necessary information and guidance related to safety in a way that has immediate practical use in real projects to meet safety acceptance goals – that contrasts greatly to other consultancies that tend to have theoretical knowledge of the safety standards and principles but are not effective in providing guidance on how to practically and efficiently apply that knowledge to realise project outcomes on the ground”

Key experience:

Systems approach to safety

When developing safety critical products a systems approach should be taken in order to provide the safety and quality of railway applications at affordable costs to the end user.

Modern software intensive systems are often complex in nature and require competent people to successfully manage their development. These types of systems are typically known as multi-level nested systems whereby they are themselves built up of smaller systems.

Our tried and tested approach to safety has a proven track record of structuring documentation evidence in a way that provides full visibility of the levels of assessment to customers and safety authorities. This is achieved by selecting a framework that matches the system architecture, and by then evaluating the following:

We believe safety does not have to be costly and that it is the application of good engineering practice. Contact HIMA Consulting to discover how we can support your requirements.  

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