SIL 4 safety solutions
for Railway crossings

Rail sector

In many applications, HIMatrix systems are already in use as the heart of rail crossing safety systems. HIMatrix - certified according to CENELEC up to SIL 4 - can be used for a wide range of rail crossing safety systems, whether for long-distance and regional traffic, industrial infrastructures or urban crossings. As COTS products, HIMatrix controllers bring tangible economic benefits. Particularly, they help to save costs because of the significantly reduced wiring efforts, since they can be confi gured for centralised and decentralised use. For instance, they can be used directly at a rail crossing and at remote locations that are more suitable for sensors and a rail signalling system.


HIMatrix for Electronic Level Crossing


HIMatrix safety systems for universal controller of the "Electronic Level Crossing”.

Framework Contract for Safe Railway Crossings

HIMA to supply VRS Railway Industry with SIL 4 safety systems as part of 10-year contract.