Nonstop safety across industries

Success Stories

Here is a selection of projects that HIMA has created across our many spheres of work. Each success story contains a brief summary of the work involved but we may provide more detailed information on request. Please contact if you have any questions regarding any of these case studies.

Process industry
Chemical industryApplication
ABF MalaysiaESD systems for ammonia plant, urea plant and process steam generation
BASFBurner management system in a thermal exhaust gas cleaning plant
BayerEmergency Shutdown and Burner Management systems for a toluene diisocyanate (TDI) production plant
DegussaAutomation of organic peroxide (OP) operation at Degussa Initiators using HIMA safety system and SCADA system
Infra ServModernisation of the safetyrelated an ethylene pipeline automation technology and its slidegate valve stations
EvonikBurner management system in a flare farm for residual gas burning
INEOS VinylControl and monitoring of the transfer arms and pipeline during the transhipment of ethylene dichchloride and vinylchloride monomer
INEOS NOVASafety system for EPS plant including overpressure monitoring and temperature monitoring
LanxessExpansion of an exisiting HIMA Emergency Shutdown system, considerably reducing the time for commissioning in a hexane oxidation plant
VinnolitControllers safeguard the chlorine production process
YaraEmergency Shutdown system for a desulphurisation plant
Petrochemical industry
FINASafety-related automation of a butadiene pipelinewith ESD, F&G and monitoring systems in a tank farm
RMRSafety-related remote control system for mineral oil product pipeline monitoring
Shell ChemicalsESD, F&G and BMS systems for an ethylene cracker
South ParsESD, F&G and HIPPS systems for offshore, pipeline and onshore plants
Fortum OilEmergency Shutdown systems for a sulphurfree diesel production plant
OMVBurner Management system for cracking furnace for ethylene and propylene extraction
INEOS KölnOperating and visualising component for safety technology
MiROSafety systems for mineral oil tank agitators
Other industries
Airport South AfricaEmergency Shutdown system for airport fuel station
Queen MaryBurner Managemeng systems for the control and monitoring of firing systems
Laboratory MunichProtection of persons and property for a surface treatment system

Machine and
plant automation
Automotive Application
Daimler ChryslerSafety-related monitoring and shut-down of hazardous areas
EisenmannEmergency stop systems for automobile painting line
DongheeSafety system for presses
Other industries
FRAPORTAutomation of a baggage handling system at Frankfurt Airport
KSM CastingsESD for aluminium casting facility producing automobile chassis parts
Hamm Werries Safety-related automation and remote control of lock
AbalonSafety concept for safely shutting down all dangerous areas
ReicofilSafety systems for nonwoven plants