Our customers speak
about working with HIMA

Lifecycle Services

‘‘The OMV standard defined in collaboration with HIMA guarantees the IEC compliance of our control system projects – and therefore our systems as a whole – throughout their entire lifecycles, from the drawing up of specifications and their hardware and software engineering, to their installation, commissioning including SAT validation, and operation. This standardisation has simplified yet ultimately improved this engineering process, leading to demonstrably reduced project costs while increasing system availability and maintaining
deadlines – and all that at the highest level of safety.’’
Dipl.-Ing. Josef Prüller, Director of Measurement and Control Technology, OMV Deutschland GmbH

‘‘The commitment shown by everyone at HIMA ensured a smooth migration to HIMA’s new HIMax system generation. A lack of information about the old sites was made up for by HIMA’s technical expertise.’’
Peter Grandl, Electrical Control Technician, Vinnolit

‘‘There are hardly ever any functional breakdowns. And if a component does run into trouble, then we can be sure that HIMA will have the  necessary module in stock, and will deliver and install it in no time. All of that they offer as part of a very financially attractive service agreement.’’
Dr. Martin Altebockwinkel, Director of Electrical Control System Engineering, Evonik Röhm GmbH

‘‘The cracker was down, the complete tank depot with its eight safety ontrollers needed replacing – hardware, software, field bus and control system interface for 3800 I/Os – all within three weeks. It quickly became clear that the HIMA team had everything under control. From planning through to commissioning, it was clear communication, expertise and reliability all the way. They did a great job as far as I’m concerned!’’
Dipl.-Ing. Mario Klak, IPP Department, Dow Olefinverbund GmbH

‘‘Even when we wanted to change things at short notice in the planning phase, the HIMA project engineers responded very flexibly. Again during commissioning, we saw the importance of experience; they were with us all the way, simply speaking our language. We were seriously impressed by the professionalism of everyone involved.’’
Dipl.-Ing. Gregor Maron, Project Engineer, RWE Power AG

‘‘Joint FATs with the DCS provider meant that the DCS and IPS had to work very closely with each other. Again, the best possible ways of integrating were examined, tested and, in the end, put into operation for our company.”
Thomas Romahn, Senior DCS/IPS System Manager, Raffinerie Heide GmbH