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The creation of high-availability, standards-compliant, economical safety concepts requires a high level of the latest specialist expertise.  The HIMA training program offers you everything you need for your individual knowledge update, from standard training for various target goups to customer-specific training- everything you need to keep your own knowledge base fully updated.

Functional Safety

Training Functional Safety
Maintenance and Operation (FS 101)1 dayDetailsSchedules
Basic knowledge (FS 111)1 dayDetailsSchedules
Machinery directive (FS 121)1 dayDetailsSchedules
Functional Safety Engineer (TÜV Rheinland)  (FS 132)3,5 daysDetailsSchedules

SILworX for HIMax

Trainings SILworX for HIMax
Maintenance (PT 220)3 daysDetailsSchedules
Engineer Part 1 (PT 200)4 daysDetailsSchedules
Communication Basic (PT 265)1 dayDetailsSchedules
Combined course Engineer Part 1
plus Communication (PT 205)
5 daysDetailsSchedules
Engineer Part 2 (PT 255)2 daysDetailsSchedules
Communication safeethernet/OPC (PT 261)1 dayDetailsSchedules
Communication Modbus (PT 262)1 dayDetailsSchedules
Combined course Engineer Part 2
plus Communication (PT 250)
4 daysDetailsSchedules
Refresh/Update V6 / V7 / V8 (PT 280)2 daysDetailsSchedules

SILworX for HIMatrix

Trainings SILworX for HIMatrix
Maintenance (PT 230)3 daysDetailsSchedules
Engineer Part 1 (PT 210)4 daysDetailsSchedules
Communication Basic (PT 275)1 dayDetailsSchedules
Combined course Engineer Part 1 plus Communication (PT 215)5 daysDetailsSchedules

ELOP II for HIQuad

Trainings ELOP II for HIQuad
Maintenance (PT 320)3 daysDetailsSchedules
Engineer (PT 300)4 daysDetailsSchedules
Communication (PT 360)On request

ELOP II Factory for HIMatrix

Trainings ELOP II Factory for HIMatrix
Maintenance (PT 420)3 daysDetailsSchedules
Engineer (PT 400)4 daysDetailsSchedules

Planar 4

Trainings Planar 4
Configuration (PT 500)1 dayDetailsOn request

Other training

Other trainings
Control Maestro (PT 600)4 daysDetailsOn request
Logline (PT 620)1 dayDetailsOn request

Cyber Security

Trainings Cyber Security
Basic (CS 900)1 dayDetailsSchedules


Your contact person for HIMA training:
Mr. Reemt Westphal
HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH
Albert-Bassermann-Str. 28
68782 Brühl (near Mannheim)
Phone: +49 6202 709 254


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