HIMA Adds Certified Function Blocks to SILworX Engineering Tool


24-11-2009 -

The TÜV-certified function blocks cover applications that include: dynamic initiator, two-hand control, operating mode selector switch, emergency stop, safety gate, feedback loop, electro sensitive protective equipment, muting, analog value processing and press safety valve.

Within HIMA’s HIMax® and HIMatrix® systems, SILworX provides customers with a fully integrated software platform that simplifies engineering processes efficiently and economically over the entire lifecycle. With the addition of these function blocks, it is no longer necessary for the user to confirm the functions, saving additional time and costs.

“The blocks complement the easy-to-use interface of SILworX with simple drag-and-drop programming, and are equipped with extensive diagnostics to ensure fast troubleshooting and shorter repair times,” says Thomas Janzer, Product Management, HIMA. “The diagnostic results can be used to uniquely identify all possible hardware, line and parameter assignment errors as well as error locations.”

The function blocks can also be used in an offline simulation, with error reactions stimulated by manually setting input values. This enables programmed logic to be tested without the safety programmable logic controller (PLC), saving time during commissioning.