Fertiliser Giant Installs HIMax® Safety Controller



Yara Brunsbüttel GmbH Protects Brunsbüttel Factory with HIMA ESD system

Yara Brunsbüttel GmbH, a Yara International ASA company specialising in the production of ammonia and urea for the fertiliser industry, has installed the HIMax safety controller from HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH + Co KG as part of its emergency shutdown (ESD) system for the Brunsbüttel factory's desulfurisation system.

The HIMax safety system consists of the central unit, 150 digital input channels, 20 analog input and 50 digital output channels. The redundant structure of the CPU and some of the I/Os ensure the highest possible availability for the plant. Yara Brunsbüttel GmbH was also impressed with the overall high performance of HIMax.

Developed for mid-size and large applications, HIMax is the first safety system to enable uninterrupted system operation throughout a plant's entire life cycle. It is based on HIMA’s Nonstop XMR technology, which combines SIL 3 safety technology with a scalable, fault-tolerant architecture that eliminates spurious trips and allows unlimited changes, modifications, extensions, improvements and proof tests during system operation.

Applying HIMA's open integration concept, the HIMax system was integrated into the Yokogawa control system. The Modbus RTU protocol is used for communication with the control system.

HIMA’s SILworX® integration tool was used to engineer the HIMax safety system. SILworX ensures easy configuration, programming and diagnosis while complying with IEC-61131-3 requirements. The intuitive user interface of SILworX can reduce user errors and accelerate the engineering process.

About Yara

Yara International ASA is the world's leading producer and supplier of mineral fertilisers. The Industrial division distributes technical gases and nitrate products that result as by-products during the manufacturing of mineral fertiliser.