Complete automation solutions from a single source


FlexSILon solutions for turbomachines and compressors, burner control, boiler protection and pipelines reduce costs and increase plant profitability

FlexSILon is the new solution from HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH + Co KG for turbomachines and compressors (FlexSILon TMC), burner control and boiler protection (FlexSILon BCS) as well as the management of gas and liquid fuel pipelines (FlexSILon PMC). The comprehensive automation solutions include all necessary components for controlling, regulating and monitoring these safety-critical applications. In addition to the hardware and software, the package includes services offered throughout the entire safety life cycle.


HIMax® or HIMatrix® systems are at the heart of each FlexSILon solution. From this core, HIMA works with its customers to develop complete solutions. Open interfaces enable preconfigured FlexSILon solutions to be adapted to the individual application and easily integrated into any automation environment. The service package also includes the procurement and integration of potential third-party components.


The combination of safety and application know-how and the development of innovative automation concepts results in numerous advantages for customers. Increasing efficiency and reliability while reducing or even avoiding plant stops altogether raises the potential for higher plant profitability. With fewer components, interfaces and resources, maintenance and project management efforts are reduced along with acquisition and operating costs. Additionally, FlexSILon solutions ensure maximum availability in accordance with SIL 3 or SIL 4 and compliance with all legal requirements specified in the current safety standards - throughout the entire plant life cycle.


Comprehensive lifecycle services

HIMA lifecycle services are a key feature of all FlexSILon solutions, and cover all phases of a plant's safety life cycle, from the initial analysis and implementation to final decommissioning. HIMA provides its customers with comprehensive safety expertise and, as an independent partner, can help in a variety of project constellations: from partial tasks to complete projects, for the final customer or as part of a team of EPCs, MACs and DCS manufacturers.


FlexSILon TMC (Turbo Machinery Control) is a holistic system for safe and cost-effective turbo operation. Using FlexSILon TMC, companies can now prepare their turbomachines for the functional safety standards that will be binding for those machines in the near future. FlexSILon TMC combines all individual components, including overspeed protection, into a single system, thus offering high functional safety, a clearer overview and easier operation.


FlexSILon BCS (Burner Control Systems) is a complete solution for burner safety and boiler protection. In addition to the basic safety-related functions, FlexSILon BCS integrates functions that previously required additional safety system components such as combined control, boiler and process protection and human machine interface (HMI).


FlexSILon PMC (Pipeline Management and Control) covers the spectrum of pipeline automation: from control systems and highly developed leak detection and location systems to complex pipeline management systems. A major component of this solution is FLOWorX software for monitoring pipeline integrity to ensure excellent pipeline performance and long-term stability.