Complete solution for turbines and compressors


New module, new connector boards and new function blocks round out FlexSILon® TMC (Turbo Machinery Control) solution

With a new overspeed trip module, new connector boards and new function blocks, HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH + Co KG has improved its FlexSILon TMC system for all turbomachinery functions.


With X-MIO 7/6 01, the new HIMax® module for overspeed protection, all control, regulation and monitoring functions for safe turbo operation are now combined into a single system. Additional third-party components for ensuring overspeed protection are no longer necessary. The new module features a response time of less than 20 ms and operates interference-free and independently of the safety system's CPU. Compatible connector boards allow for flexible overspeed protection solutions, ensuring tailor-made availability.


Additionally, new TMC function blocks are available to reduce and simplify the start-up process. Based on the HIMax safety system, the 14 standard TMC function blocks can be used by an operator to automate a turbine without programming the individual functions. The entire operation of the compressor and turbine can be realized using the compressor-specific and additional function blocks such as X_BCS_Rmp or X_TMC_PID from the standard SILworX® function block library.


HIMA's complete solutions for TMC applications also include NonSIL modules, which allow cost-effective integration of non-safety-related I/O signals into the HIMax system. The new modules are developed in the same way that SIL 3  modules are developed. Absolute safety-related interference-free operation is therefore ensured for the NonSIL modules used in the safety-related system. NonSIL modules can be combined with any SIL 3 modules. Like all previous modules, they are programmed with the engineering tool SILworX.


In addition to all hardware and software components required for controlling, regulating and monitoring these safety-critical applications, the solution also includes services. These lifecycle services cover all phases of a plant's safety life cycle, from the initial analysis and implementation to final decommissioning.


Using FlexSILon TMC, customers can now prepare their turbomachines for the functional safety standards that will be binding for those machines in the near future.