New HART functionality simplifies asset management


New HART communication module for the HIMax® safety system facilitates asset management


X-HART 32 01, the new HART communication module from HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH + Co KG, allows direct access to field devices, making calibration, parameter setup and diagnosis of field devices easier. With HIMax data tunneling, wiring effort is minimized and external multiplexers are no longer necessary. By simplifying start-up and maintenance, reducing engineering effort and providing additional information about trends, the new HART functionality optimizes asset management support.


X-HART 32 01 is the only solution available today that offers TÜV-certified write protection and HART deactivation in SIL 3 quality. The HART communication module can be combined with all HIMax modules: AE, AA, SIL or NonSIL modules. Each of the 32 module channels has its own HART modem (no multiplexer), thus ensuring fast HART communication.


HIMax HART data tunneling allows HART communications for up to 3,200 I/Os per system. HART data is transferred to the HART module via connector boards. HART tunneling for communication with the X-COM module occurs via the internal system bus, while HART data transfer to the asset management system (ASM) uses the HART over IP protocol (HART V7). Communication runs through the internal system bus, even when multiple HIMax racks are installed.