New Safe Motion Control Solution


New safety controller with higher mathematical computing power and backplane bus extension makes safe motion control solutions simpler, more flexible and more economical

With the HIMatrix M45 safety controller and certified function blocks, HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH + Co KG introduces a new, flexible solution for implementing CPU-intensive safe motion control tasks. The HIMA solution uses fewer safety system components (e. g., no smart bus coupling modules needed) than other solutions. As a result, planning and engineering efforts are significantly reduced. 


The new safety system is certified up to SIL 3/PL e and is used for monitoring position, speed, acceleration, breakdown torque, loads and distance. Complex range and/or location-dependent monitoring and emergency stop are additional safety functions.


The new CPU features high computing power. The support for 64-bit data types, multidimensional arrays and struct variables as well as complex mathematical operations makes the simplified execution of mathematical functions possible. The option for importing safety-related C programs and automatically converting them into function blocks helps prevent transmission errors and reduce programming effort. Thanks to the backplane bus extension, decentralization over longer distances is achieved more easily and at lower cost. Each CPU may have up to 62 I/O modules for the implementation of larger I/O quantities. Various interfaces and certified function blocks allow for a simplified, flexible integration of a wide variety of sensors.