New version of engineering tool


Version 5 of the engineering tool SILworX® offers new features for greater ease of use, efficiency and safety

HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH + Co KG has enhanced SILworX, its fully integrated configuration, programming and diagnostic tool for the HIMax® and HIMatrix® safety systems. Version 5 of SILworX offers new features that make engineering safer, more efficient and simpler.

New features include the reload/download selection in the start dialog box, dual code generation with automatic code comparison, typical function blocks and support for watchpages. Improved details such as enhanced version comparison or extended and standardized table functions complete the new SILworX generation.

SILworX V5 provides an automatic archive function during reload or download. The automatic backup after every load procedure ensures that product data can be located when needed. Programming is simplified through automation, saving time and avoiding operational errors in managing project data. Manual project data management is no longer required, which minimizes the risk of human error.
Reload and download have also been integrated into a new, uniform dialog box. A clear command structure for load procedures (download/reload) offers a simple workflow for users.

By default, code generation is now performed twice, with the resulting code compared subsequently. If the comparison fails, no code is generated, thus faulty code cannot be loaded. Typicals and the ability to copy them within the FBD Editor is an additional feature. This function simplifies the programming of recurring functions, saves engineering time through standardization and helps avoid operating errors.

Watchpage support allows the user to save force values for future processing. This feature simplifies start-up procedures and facilitates the development of recurring functions such as periodic tests.

SILworX V5 supports numerous HIMA modules and protocols, including the new HIMax X-MIO 7/6 01 overspeed trip module for TMC (Turbo Machinery Control), the new HIMax HART communication module and the new HART over IP protocol.

The tool is compatible with HIMax and HIMatrix operating systems. Download compatibility ensures that project data from previous SILworX versions can be easily converted. Data checksums are retained during conversion.