Comprehensive ESD, BCS and TMC solution for gigantic petrochemical complex


HIMA has realised, on behalf of the Saudi International Petrochemical Company, various safety-related automation solutions in several petrochemical plants in Jubail. Eight safety controllers from the HIQuad, HIMatrix® and HIMax® product groups are in use as ESD systems (emergency shutdown system), as well as BCS (burner control system) and TMC applications (turbomachinery control system).

Saudi International Petrochemical Company (Sipchem) is a Saudi public company in which private investors from Saudi Arabia and Gulf state countries hold shares in equal measure. As part of a major investment initiative, Sipchem operates a gigantic petrochemical complex in the industrial city of Jubail for the manufacture of various chemical raw materials such as methanol and butanediol. Due to the petrochemical and mineral oil industries located in Jubail, Saudi Arabia’s local resources will be used on-site.

A total of eight safety controllers from the HIQuad, HIMatrix and HIMax product groups are in use as ESD systems, and in BCS and TMC applications. HIMA Middle East, headquartered in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), implemented these safety-critical applications. An Emerson Delta V System is employed as the process control system. The HIMA systems were integrated into the process control system via a Master & Slave RS485 Modbus protocol.

Sipchem’s years of experience with HIMA’s highly available technology and service, supported by committed and flexible employees, were key to the contract being awarded. “HIMA has a great team of employees who are personally and professionally passionate about the business of plant safety and committed to their customers”, emphasised a member of the Reliability Engineering Staff at Sipchem. Another important factor was the ability to use safety-related HIMA controllers for SIL 3 applications according to IEC 61508.

Success Story

Safety solutions for petrochemical complex