ControlMaestro –
the HIMA SCADA-Solution



The HIMA SCADA solution: Scalable for 100 to 65,000 variables

ControlMaestro is a visualization software package that has been successfully used by HIMA as a SCADA solution for more than 15 years to visualize processes and plant operation.

In this regard, plant diagrams, trend analysis, event recording and logging are functions that are just as important as the creation of graphic user interfaces, and configuration and dynamizing of the user interfaces.



 Today ControlMaestro is also a component of the latest HIMA complete solutions, such as:

ControlMaestro Development Studio:

ToolFacts ControlMaestro

Highlights ControlMaestro

  • Import/use of different Image formats, such as JPG/PNG/GIF, etc.
  • Vector-oriented graphics editor
  • Multilevel security concept with database encryption and 3-level user authentification
  • Full FDA compliance allows use in the pharmaceutical sector
  • Integrated redundancy concepts prevent standstills, and thus increase availability
  • Comprehensive driver offering enables integration for a wide variety of systems
  • Full web functionality, firewallfriendly, platform independent
  • Full OPC A&E support for integration of HIMA time stamp information
  • On request, tailored add-ons, e.g., drivers or display modules, can be developedƒ
  • Tag generator supports the creation of data Points