HIMA Helps BASF Española Meet Growing Need



With two new projects being planned at BASF’s complex in Tarragona, Spain, the chemical giant is once again considering HIMA to supply safety instrumented systems for emergency shutdown. In addition to a HIMatrix system installed in 2012, BASF also benefits from a HIMA Planar F system installed in the 1990s. That system is due to be replaced. The plant‘s success with its HIMA systems bodes well for further HIMA involvement.

From small to large applications, BASF knows it can count on HIMA. State-of-the-art technology is one reason. Redundant CPUs that continuously monitor each other provide HIMA customers a cost advantage over competitive solutions that require two separate systems for redundancy. Permanent self-diagnosis for error protection, leading to maximum safety and zero plant shut-downs due to safety system failures, is also a plus. Another advantage is that both HIMatrix and HIMax systems can be programmed with the SILworX engi-neering tool, which can be modified online without any down time.

The Tarragona plant, which once manufactured Styrofoam only, now produces plasticizers, dispersions, polymer solutions and many other chemical products. The plant is just one of many BASF facilities that rely on HIMA worldwide.

Project overview:

End customer: BASF Española S.L.
Application: Emergency Shutdown
Hardware: HIMax and HIMatrix
Description: Replacement of existing HIMA systems for modernization


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