New Legal Form


HIMA changes its legal form

Steffen Philipp is the fourth generation of his family to lead the company

Growth leads to change: HIMA changes its legal form

HIMA took another important step in its evolution with its conversion from a GmbH + Co KG entity to a GmbH.  The family-run company now operates under the name HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH. The shareholders remain solely the members of the Philipp family. 

Managing Partner Steffen Philipp, the great-grandchild of the company founder, is the fourth generation of his family to lead the company. Together with Sankar Ramakrishnan (CEO) and Reinhard Seibold (CFO), he will further strengthen and expand HIMA’s position as international safety experts. The new legal form simplifies strategic decision making, offers greater financial flexibility in making decisions and makes legal and fiscal processes easier for the internationally geared company.

The history of HIMA

In 1908, Johannes Hildebrandt started a marine-technical office in Mannheim and later founded the Johannes Hildebrandt OHG company, which sold ship equipment and was active as a dealer. In 1929, Paul Hildebrandt took over the company from his father and began producing safety equipment for heavy industry. In 1936, the brand HIMA, derived from the abbreviations from Hildebrandt and Mannheim, was registered in the company books. Bernhard Philipp, son-in-law of Paul Hildebrandt, took over the HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH + Co KG in 1965 and began developing transistor technology. In 1970, the first worldwide TÜV-inspected safety system was developed. In 1986, the company developed the first worldwide TÜV-inspected programmable safety system. Since 1999, Steffen Philipp, son of Bernhard Philipp and Ingrid Philipp (born Hildebrandt), has served as managing partner and led the internationalization of the company. In the past 10 years, the number of employees has tripled and the number of foreign branches has increased from two to 16.