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Sample of HIPS architecture*  

Sample of HIPS architecture*

HIMA France is a competence centre for High Integrity Protection System (HIPS). HIPS is a safety instrumented system (SIS) designed to protect piping and equipment at industrial sites (chemical factory, refinery, drilling platform, floating production storage and offloading unit, compression gas station). HIPS consist of pressure, temperature or level sensors and their associated manifolds. They are connected to a programmable or a solid state system. The latter, according to the collected information, will pilot actuators and related shutdown valves.

The integrity and availability equipment tests, maintenance procedures, valve interlocking process, human machine interface, communication with other systems and the recording of alarms are parts of HIPS features. Besides avoiding a pipe break that could lead to a major accident, this solution limits gas flaring. It also allows the better sizing of flare valves and pipeline sections, making possible large cost savings and achieving SIL 3 level in accordance with applicable safety standards.

With several TÜV certified engineers on the team, HIMA France delivers the HIPS integrator package including project management, safety specifications, safety analysis, documentation, the SIL level calculation with GRIF software, the HIPS dossier and the third party certification of the entire solution.

“Besides avoiding a pipe break that could lead to a major accident, HIPS solution limits gas flaring.”

* Legend: Sample of HIPS architecture

3 Transmitters on 3 DBB valves equipped with interlocking systems, linked to a PLANAR 4 solid state logic solver are managing the “OPEN / CLOSE” state of the HIPS valves. Partial stroke test (PST), solenoid test (SOV), full stroke test, are functions which can be implemented in order to assist to maintain the SIL level.


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