HIMatrix safety system for roller coaster in Europa Park


Europa-Park Panorama


"Arthur - In the Minimoys Kingdom" construction site

HIMA supplies safety system for "Arthur", the new themed roller coaster in Europa Park

"Arthur", the new themed roller coaster that is part of "Arthur - In the Minimoys Kingdom", the most elaborate indoor attraction in the history of Europa Park, is safeguarded by the automated HIMatrix® safety system from HIMA. The customer, EMIS Electrics GmbH, was particularly impressed by the extensive communication capabilities of the HIMatrix system.

EMIS Electrics GmbH is the cooperation partner of Europa-Park GmbH & Co Mack KG, the operator of Europa Park - Germany's largest theme park. Unlike traditional roller coasters that accelerate over gradients, the Arthur ride is powered by motors in each carriage. Safety systems, as well as distance and speed monitoring, play a key role in keeping passengers safe in the nine individual carriages.

Covering a total area of 10,000 m², the new major attraction "Arthur - In the Minimoys Kingdom", which includes the Arthur roller coaster, will open in spring 2014.

An important advantage of the HIMA system is the extensive communication capabilities of the HIMatrix controller. The network comprises PROFINET IO, PROFIsafe, CAN and Send & Receive over TCP subscribers. Numerous sensors, actuators and third-party controllers can be connected to the HIMA system via this protocol. Each carriage has an F30 HIMatrix controller with two CAN modules and an F3 20/2 HIMatrix module. The carriages communicate radially via safeethernet and leak-mode conductors to another HIMA controller which acts as a PROFIsafe gateway to a Siemens control system.

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Project overview:

End customer: Europa Park in Rust, Germany
Application: Safety-related automation of roller coaster
Hardware: HIMatrix F30 01/03, HIMatrix F3 DIO 20/8 02
I/Os: 392
Control system: Siemens
Communication: safeethernet, PROFINET IO (controller and device) and PROFIsafe, Send & Receive TCP, CANopen