Safety technology for
high-temperature upcycling plant for fully fluorinated fluoropolymers


Safety technology for high-temperature upcycling plant for fully fluorinated fluoropolymers

Dyneon GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of 3M and part of the Advanced Materials Division, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fluorpolymers. As part of a project funded by the German Federal Foundation for the Environment (Bundestiftung Umwelt), Dyneon, together with the University of Bayreuth and the research institute InVertec, has developed an innovative procedure for upcycling perfluorinated polymer materials. With this globally unique technology for treating wastes, the plant recovers raw materials in an environmentally friendly, sustainable way and reuses them in manufacturing new materials.

The industry's first high-temperature recycling plant in the Gendorf Industrial Park in Burgkirchen (Bavaria) is based on a multi-phase pyrolysis process. Through pyrolysis the perfluorinated "end-of-life" waste is broken down into monomers, with an extremely high recovery rate of more than 90%. The monomers are fed into the distillation system and can be reused in normal production.

A HIMatrix safety controller is used as an ESD system to safeguard the depolymerization reactor. If excess temperatures are detected, the safety system transitions the plant to a safe status to exclude the possibility of risks for people and the environment. Dyneon likes HIMatrix controllers for their ease of integration and flexibility for modifications and extensions. "Years of experience with the products from HIMA have given me good reason to also rely on the safety technology from HIMA for this new process technology," explains Martin Neubauer, Project Manager EMSR at Dyneon.

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  • F35-System
  • F2 DO16 01
  • F3 AIO 8/4 01

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Success Story Sicherheitstechnik für Hochtemperatur-Up-Cycling-Anlage

Safe high-temperature upcycling plant with HIMatrix safety system