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The next step towards Zero?

We strive for safety performance excellence and to reach the magical goal of Zero accidents; no harm to employees and no near misses.  Safety culture, safety leadership and behaviour based safety programs all play a part in the drive for zero.

It is well known that there are four critical errors that people make that contribute to 85 - 95% of accidental acute injuries.  It is also well known that when people made these critical errors they were in one or more of the following four states: rushing, frustration, fatigue, complacency.

Many behavioural based safety and safety culture programs focus on training people to avoid error, observing the four states and thereby prevent injury.

These programs miss one important factor - natural human behaviours.  Research has shown that people, in terms of how they act and communicate, universally have similar characteristics.  

HIMA’s Vice President of Global Consulting, Lyn Fernie and Principal Consultant, Mike Warren's will be presenting their paper outlining the use of behavioural profiling to help understand how those natural behaviours play into safe and unsafe behaviours in the workplace, and how this understanding can provide opportunities for improved safety performance through better communication, trust, empowerment and teamwork, taking the next step towards Zero.

About HazardEx

Hazardex is the brand name for a suite of products dedicated to the provision of the latest information specifically relevant to those companies and individuals responsible for safe operations within hazardous area environments around the world.

Hazardex - The Event is a two-day International conference and exhibition with an awards ceremony and gala dinner. Past events have attracted between 300 and 400 senior industry attendees, and a consistently high level of conference papers.

The Conference
This year's event will take place on 24th & 25th February 2016 at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Runcorn, Cheshire, UK.

"The next step towards Zero?" by Lyn Fernie and Mike Warren, HIMA Global Consulting

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