Engineered for flexibility and productivity

HIMax is a flexible SIL 3 platform designed for critical production processes that can never afford to go down. HIMax adapts to all I/O count, response-time and fault-tolerance requirements as well as centralized or distributed applications. Yet it always delivers maximum plant availability and future-proof flexibility.

The flexible HIMax-Rack is available with 10, 15 oder 18 slots.


Designed for maximum configuration flexibilty

  • Fully enclosed modules
  • Replace module without disturbing I/O or power wiring
  • Three available rack sizes: 10, 15 and 18 slots
  • All racks are panel mountable; the 15 slot is also available for 19-inch rack installation.
  • Fully integrated and protected power distribution
  • Different field wiring configurations, including direct wiring and terminal blocks as well as system cable with Field Termination Assembly


Unrivaled system performance

HIMax is the most powerful safety platform ever invented. Its unprecedented performance is based on high-performance components and smart system architectures. 

  • Cycle time of 50 ms with 1,000 I/Os. (split 50% analog/digital)
  • Unlimited complex calculations
  • Impact of calculation of 1,000 PIDs on cycle time: 5 ms
  • Signal conditioning directly on I/O modules with no impact on CPU performance
  • Up to 200 I/O modules in up to 16 racks per system and 250 systems per safety network
  • Up to 1,472 I/Os per cabinet
  • Multitasking: Run up to 32 user programs simultaneously and set fixed scan times for dedicated applications
  • Sequence of event (SOE), 1 ms resolution quality, storage for 5,000 events


Optimum diagnostics

  • Stores up to 2,500 diagnostic entries in the processor module and 500 entries per I/O module automatically
  • Maintenance log includes relevant information such as reload, download, run, stop, force.
  • All diagnostic information can be transferred to the DCS.
  • Condition monitoring, e.g., for relay modules

Adaptable networking and communications

With Remote Rack functionality, HIMA offers the widest range of safety-related networking capabilities

  • Distributed solution with racks connected with copper cables and a maximum distance of 100 m between the racks in a line
  • Distributed solution with racks connected with media converters via fibre optics and a maximum expansion of ~20 km in a line
  • Remote Rack functionality offers the ability to distribute up to 16 racks of a HIMax system in free (e.g. star) topology. The internal system bus can be used in a redundant manner and at theoretical maximum distance of 10,000 km. Remote Rack functionality enables faster reaction time than distributed CPUs via safeethernet.

EN RemoteRack 01_150dpi_rgb


Safety-related networking via safeethernet

  • Data transmission at 1 GBit/s
  • Fast response times, even for networked applications
  • No limitations on physical separation
  • Utilises standard Ethernet components and functions for safety-critical applications
  • Use of any transmission media
  • Networking of up to 255 systems in each project
  • Intelligent, diverse redundancy concepts
  • In addition to HIMA’s safety protocol safeethernet, HIMax can also use PROFIsafe via PROFINET

EN Redundanz 01_150dpi_rgb

Multitasking – multiple applications in one system

  • Run up to 32 user programs simultaneously
  • Unrivaled system performance: Multiple applications in one system
  • Each application with individual cycle/scan time
  • Fixed cycle time possible
  • Each application can be modified without affecting the other

Benefits of multitasking

  • Add and change application reaction free
  • Mix different applications in one system
  • Time-critical and non-time-critical processes in one system
  • Future proof solutions
  • Save CAPEX

Compliance with all major standards

  • IEC 61508, Part 1 - 7:2000 (SIL 3)
  • EC 61511:2004
  • ANSI/ISA-84.00.01-2004
  • EN ISO 13849-1:2006 (Pl e)
  • EN 62061:2005
  • EN 50156-1:2004
  • EN 12067-2:2004
  • EN 298:2003
  • EN 230:2005
  • EN 61131-2:2003
  • EN 61000-6-2:2001
  • EN 61000-6-4:2001
  • EN 54-2:1997/A1:2007
  • EN 50130-4:1998-2003
  • EN 954-1:1996 (Cat. 4)
  • NFPA 85:2007, NFPA 86:2007
  • NFPA 72:2007
  • EN 60079-15:2003 ATEX (ZONE 2, T4)
  • ANSI/ISA-S 71.04 CLASS G3 (Tropicalisation)
  • UL (UL 508)
  • cUL (CSA-C22.2 No. 142)
  • FM CLASS 1 DIV 2 (FM 3600, 3611, 3810)
  • Achilles Level I Certification (X-CPU 01, X-COM 01)
  • GOST R Certificate
  • GOST R Ex Certificate
  • Russia RMRS