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Worldwide the first linear positioning system up to SIL 3: Data Matrix position sensor PCV80A. The PCV80A read head, the Data Matrix code bands and TÜV-certified motion function block PCV80t from the library of certified motion function blocks combine to make it possible - together with a HIMA safety controller (e.g., HIMatrix F or HIMatrix M), to scan a detection area of 0 - 10,000 meter object positions with 1 mm resolution.


  • Immediate position detection when voltage returned after servicing shutdown or during sudden voltage drops (e. g., short circuits, lightning)
  • Position detection in the X and Y axis
  • No slippage, as the absolute position sensor is mounted in a fixed position
  • Long life thanks to tough material and no laser diodes
  • 2D data matrix code band of up to 10,000 meter length
  • Code band can remain attached
  • Code band can be continuously attached
  • Parameterization of camera using PC or code cards
  • Suitable for ascending and descending sections as well as tight curves




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Facts about the world’s first linear data matrix positioning system: Download

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