List of Legacy- and Obsolete-Products

Other Products

HIMA products are designed for long-term use. We already consider the delivery and timeliness of the components used during product development. When the end of the active life of a product is reached, it becomes legacy product (Start of Legacy).

We subject our product range to an annual review. In doing so it is determined which products are rated as legacy products and are added to the corresponding chapter of the price list. In addition to the product data, the year is listed, when the product has been declared legacy product.Thus, you get early information regarding a product's prospective end of life.

Legacy products are only available for a limited time period, although HIMA pursues a stocking of spare parts or repair support of at least ten years. Component-related, legal or normalized restrictions are reserved.

If the functionality is continued by a compatible follow-up product, the ability to deliver the legacy product will not be maintained after one year. Company specific agreements are to be considered independently.

After the legacy life phase the product becomes obsolete and is no longer available (End of Life).

Manuals for legacy and obsolete products and further information on replacement or alternative products can be requested by phone or email:

Phone.: +49 6202 709-259 or -261