Where ultimate safety counts



Planar4 is the only safety system in the world which can be used up to SIL4 in accordance with IEC 61508. Planar4 is the system of choice for automation processes involving extremely high risks to people, machines and the environment – where the utmost safety is of the utmost priority.

Planar4 systems are programmed by means of wiring, which makes them extremely robust. Various wiring techniques are used for programming: solder, Termipoint, and Wire Wrap on the backplane bus board.

Input and output statuses, limits and time values can be transmitted via OPC-DA, PROFIBUS DP or MODBUS to control and visualisation systems.  Events – HIMA signals with time stamps, that is – are transmitted via RS485 Alarm&Event.

The integrated diagnostic routines ensure rapid  error signalling and easy trouble-shooting, even for untrained personnel. Remote diagnosis is possible in conjunction with the communication options. 

Planar4 the Highlights

  • For use up to SIL4
  • MTBF > 200 years
  • Switching time 2-10 ms
  • Scalable redundancy
  • Communicates via OPC, PROFIBUS DP, MODBUS
  • Monitoring for open and short circuits
  • Space-saving 19 technology


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