function blocks


These TÜV-certified function blocks were developed for use in applications for safe movement monitoring in which the safe position, speed, acceleration and deceleration monitoring are crucial. In combination with the HIMA safey system HIMatrix F or Himatrix M following applications are possible: crane plants, automatic cranes, lifting devices, storage and retrieval machines, mining conveyors and lifts, mechanical shovels, side scrapers and others.


  • TÜV-tested support for products from numerous manufacturers
  • It is possible to combine two diversified, non-safe standard sensors to achieve an efficient TÜV-certified SIL 3/PL e solution via various interfaces such as CAN/SSI or RS485.


Certified funktion blocks


ToolFacts Motion Function blocks

Facts about the TÜV-certified function blocks: download.

The new HIMatrix M45

HIMatrix M45

HIMatrix M45 is suitable for complex safety-critical applications in the area of logistics and machine safety.

Safe Motion Control Solution

Found out more about our safe motion control solutions, e.g. for electric monorail systems in automobile factories.