Safe communication in digitally networked plant

To help the process industry migrate to tomorrow’s digitally networked plants, HIMA offers a protocol that enables Ethernet-based, safety-related communication (SIL 3). Now safe communication is enabled between the company’s three controller families: HIMatrixHIMax and HIQuad.

HIMA supports the incremental digitalization of customers’ plants with very clear migration paths. Customers can select and combine the best HIMA controller for their application and know that the safe, reliable and fast networking of HIPRO-S V2 and safeethernet will allow them to efficiently operate their digitally networked plant, even in the future. The HIPRO-S V2 protocol will help to accelerate commissioning and ensure the fast restart of the plant and reduce the risk of delays. A long service life and optimal investment protection are guaranteed.

HIPRO-S V2 uses current hardware, including the Ethernet communication board in HIQuad. Only software updates are required. HIPRO-S V2 can be used to update HIQuad <--> HIQuad communication, or it can be used for mixed applications with the  freedom to select the right safety system required for your individual application.

HIPRO-S V2 is designed for maximum availability. Interrupted communications are re-established automatically. Redundant communication is a standard function.

Asynchronous communication guarantees that even slow and fast applications can exchange data.

HIQuad is programmed with ELOP II, and HIMax and HIMatrix are programmed with SILworX. The configuration can be exported from ELOP II.


  • Integrates safety-related and non-safety-related data in one standard Ethernet network — without compromising safety
  • Can be integrated into existing Ethernet networks
  • Utilizes cost-efficient standard Ethernet components, regardless of their manufacturer
  • Redundancy concepts assure uninterrupted system operation
  • Quick, step-by-step commissioning
  • SIL 3 certified


  • Safe communication
    • HIQuad <--> HIQuad
    • HIQuad <--> HIMax
    • HIQuad <--> HIMatrix mit erhöhter Performance (no RIO modules)
  • Gateway to HIBUS (RS485-based) in HIQuad possible
  • Up to 64 connections
  • Up to 505 bytes per connection
  • Redundant communication
  • Data transmission at 100 Mbit
  • Fast response times even for large networks
  • Virtually no limit to physical expansion
  • Utilizes standard Ethernet components and functions for safety-critical applications
  • Asynchronous communication for maximum flexibility
  • HIMax and HIMatrix, using safeethernet to exchange safety data, can share the same network

Uses standard Ethernet infrastructure

  • Copper
  • Fiber optics
  • Firewalls
  • Enables a range of different network topologies
  • WLAN
  • Fully compatible with industrial use