Burner safety and boiler protection



Burners and boilers are among the most safety-critical, complex applications in power station technology and in the process industry. HIMA, one of the world's leading safety experts, offers an integrated approach for ensuring safety in process furnaces and steam generators: FlexSILon BCS.

HIMA Know-how

HIMA engineers who specialize in burner and boiler applications support end users and OEMs with expertise throughout your project, from safety review to project engineering to start-up/commissioning services.

Safety-relevant and process-critical functions in a single system

The technical solution applying our HIMax, HIMatrix and HIQuad safety systems is unique. Safety-related shutdown and monitoring procedures, as well as the governing of critical processes by means of continuous control functions, can be implemented with HIMax and HIMatrix systems.


  • SIL 3 System hardware
  • TÜV-approved Firmware (X_Lib, X_BMS_lib, X_BCS_Heat_Lib)
  • Application software
  • Consulting from combustion / burner specialists
  • Consulting from functional safety experts (EN 61508, EN 61511, EN 50156)
  • BMS and BCS training courses


Five HIMA systems for total automation