TÜV-tested and -approved function blocks



Our TÜV-tested and -approved function blocks reduce programming time and costs and streamline the acceptance test procedure.

BMS function blocks for burner applications:

  • Pre-purging  and post-purging
  • Gas ignition burner
  • Gas main burner
  • Gas main burner with igniter lance
  • Oil burner with pressure atomization
  • Oil burner with steam atomization
  • Monitoring of air / fuel ratio




BCS function blocks for combustion control:

  • PID combustion controller for control dampers and valves
  • Driver for motor control dampers / valves
  • Ramp / damper
  • Curve with 20 support point pairs
  • Comparator for 2 or 3 process points
  • PTD correction of fuel and air flow measurements