Load control and combustion control with HIMA safety solutions



In addition to basic safety-related functions, the FlexSILon BCS solution includes non-reactive, integrated load control and combustion control. Traditionally, this functionality has required additional components.

For controlling both fuel and combustion air flow, HIMA offers two powerful safety-related controllers.

Multiple-fuel burner systems with HIMax and HIMatrix

  • Monitoring and control of multiple fuels in combination with a common air supply
  • Complex combustion control, including O2 and lambda correction, enabled by high-performance CPUs in HIMax and HIMatrix systems
  • Function blocks / macros for  continuous control
  • Safe and highly available solution

Multiple burner systems with HIMax and HIMatrix

  • Extensible combustion control for multiple burners with common power load controller
  • Modular system structure
  • Response times <= 5 ms possible  with HIMatrix systems

Single burner systems with HIMatrix F

  • Modular structure for simple and complex combustion control concepts

Additional information about  HIMax and  HIMatrix system families can be found on our product pages.

Combustion control concepts

  • O2 correction for combustion systems
  • Individual lambda correction curve for each fuel type
  • Superior power control (pressure or temperature)
  • Flexible power distribution over various burners
  • Split-range control
  • Continous actuating motor control units (right-hand rotation/stop/left-hand rotation)
  • Safety shutdown O2 < MIN
  • Safety shutdown CO2 > MAX
  • Safety shutdown air / fuel ratio < MIN
  • Safety shutdown air / fuel ratio > MAX

BCS function blocks for power and combustion control

Our TÜV-tested function blocks reduce the time and costs associated with programming, commissioning troubleshooting and project / plant acceptance test procedures. The following function blocks are available in the BCS library   

  • PID combustion controller for control dampers and valves
  • Driver for motor control dampers / valves
  • Ramp / damping actions
  • Series of curves with 20 support point pairs
  • Comparator for 2 or 3 process points
  • PT correction of fuel and air flow measurements

Find out more about our function blocks


Advantages of Load control and Combustion control with HIMA safety solutions

  • Calculation and monitoring of the fuel and combustion air flow consider power requirement before combustion takes place. The O2 correction control accommodates combustion fine-tuning
  • PT correction of any number of different fuels with common air supply
  • Reaction on disturbances of the process is very flexible and stable
  • Load cycle with a tendency of air Surplus