All turbomachinery functions - a single system



FlexSILon TMC combines all turbomachinery functions into a single system

FlexSILon TMC enables you to realise full automation for turbines and compressors. This includes both safe and non-safe automation: controlling, measuring and monitoring.

The “heart” of a turbine's safety functions is the electronic system for limiting overspeed rotation. This has to meet very special requirements, which are defined in international standards. HIMA has integrated a special module into the HIMax system to limit rotation speed.

Lower costs — more investment security

Different individual solutions from various manufacturers are no longer necessary, and system operation becomes much easier and more clearly structured.

FlexSILon TMC  — unified control, regulatiaon and monitoring functions with integrated ovespeed trip.  This means

  • Engineering with reduced expenses
  • Less space needed in the switchgear cabinet and storage
  • Comprehensible wiring
  • Absence of reaction through separation of safety functions from standard functions by multitasking capability
  • Investment security and sustainability
  • Further benefits: HIMA strives for open independent integration, HIMA solutions can be integrated into any existing automation environment 

Previous solution without FlexSILon TMC

A turbo machine is often controlled by many individual components made by several manufacturers in a complex structure. The consequences are greater engineering costs, elaborated wiring and different communication standards