Faster commissioning — the HIMA function blocks


Compressor function block library
X_TMC_CLControl Line
X_TMC_DSPDynamic set point
X_TMC_Flow1Flow calculation, orifice on suction
X_TMC_Flow2Flow calculation, orifice on discharge
X_TMC_OLCOpen loop control
X_TMC_PIDPID controller for ASC
X_TMC_SDET1Surge detection block, axial compressor
X_TMC_SDET2Surge detection block, radial compressor
X_TMC_Vent1Valve block

Turbine function block library
X_TMC_SpeedMax. selection and protection of Speed (3 pickups)
X_TMC_StartParDefault values speed, Timer and acceleration for warm- and cold start, without critical speed
X_TMC_StartupFixes all conditions and calculates values for start-up
X_TMC_W/CInterpolate values for long warming-up timers (3 idle Levels)
X_TMC_SpRampRamps and default for speed control
X_TMC_RampRamps up/down with Man/Auto
X_TMC_ValveSelection with fixed switchover of 2 analogue values
X_TMC_Ramp_VValve block for single stage steam turbine
X_TMC_TrackValve block for double stage steam turbine (extraction/Admission)
X_TMC_Extr_VSwitch over steam valve, recirculation control/ramp
X_TMC_LoadLoad calculation for double stage steam turbine
X_TMC_TripTrip block with release, reset and first out
X_TMC_CrtRgManaged start-up through critical speedzones

Standardised function blocks simplify the system start-up. Based on the experience of application engineers, the modules have been specially developed for the control, regulation and protection of axial and radial compressors and turbines. By adjusting just a few parameters, the complete Operation of compressors and turbines is possible.

  • Simplified engineering and system start-up
  • Less programming work, lower costs

The application manager will discuss with you in advance which functions are suitable for your equipment and where customised programming makes sense.


Picture: Example of HMI for compressor control