Visualisation and HMI (Human Machine Interface)


One important element of FlexSILon TMC is visualisation. For more than 20 years, HIMA has been committed to the partnership with Emation and its product ControlMaestro (and its predecessor version Wizcon).

Emation, experts for SCADA, and HIMA collaborate closely in development, application and support.

See our short videos to get a first impression.

Features of visualisation solution

  • Full HMI functionality
  • Swift and simple application development through existing templates
    and object libraries, and freely definable graphics
  • Fast data logging, for trend and historical records
  • TMC-specific add-ons (e.g., compressor map)
  • Multiple user levels with password protection
  • Event logging and relaying of error messages
  • Decentralised monitoring of the turbo train
  • Multi-language support
  • Scaleable network configuration
  • High availability through redundancy
  • Integrated security
  • Object-orientated programming

Easy menu navigation and intuitive operation with clear benefits

  • Full HMI functionality
  • Fast data logging, for trend and historical data
  • Object-oriented programming

You set or change parameters directly on the HMI touch panel without additional programming devices. Interventions in the PLC program are not necessary. Parameters entered this way are processed directly in the HIMax safety system. Modifications are transmitted to the DCS.

In FlexSILon TMC, the fully automatic start-up process of a turbine is integrated. The current warming of the machine as well as critical speed ranges are considered individually. 

After turbine-speed reaches nominal speed, the compressor will be activated by closing the recycle valve. Protection control loops and monitoring is activated automatically. The current position of the operation point is displayed in a diagram.