Quick and easy certification of your application


Faster certification - shorter time-to-market

With HICore, HIMA is offering a complete, TÜV-certified hardware and software package, as well as selected functional safety services.

For customers who require IEC 61508, Edition 2, part 1 to 7, certification for their application, HICore can make this complex certification process faster and easier.

HICore not only optimises the 'time to market', but it also cuts costs. That’s because the high integration density of the HICore architecture means that fewer additional components have to be purchased.

Customised solutions

Trendsetting developments in intralogistics, medical engineering and building technology have one thing in common: automation is on the increase. This progress is already presenting a challenge for safety-critical applications. Let's look ahead to the future: The certification of safety-critical systems will be obligatory.

HIMA is ensuring progress with applications in the most diverse sectors: Logistics solutions with gesture-controlled transport systems, cyber-physical mobile robots, as well as safety-critical medical appliances and systems or safety shutdowns in energy-generating plants. Our development collaborations with companies such as Pepperl & Fuchs or SEW, with the Karlsruhe Institute of technology (KIT) and with the University of Kassel are providing vital stimuli for a host of applications.

HIMA's strength is innovation. HICore, the smallest TÜV-certified safety PLC, enables you to develop innovative products and solutions. Our experts will be alongside as safety coaches, supporting you from the specification up to the TÜV acceptance of your product.

If you have the ideas, we can make them reality.

Your Advantages

  • Reduced time to market
  • Quick and easy certification of your product
  • Customizable solutions
  • Proven safety technology

The HICore 1 solution components