Shorter time to certification with a safety system-on-chip


HICore solutions - The smallest TÜV-certified safety PLC ever

HICore  is a comprehensive solution that includes a TÜV-certified safe IC for safety-critical applications according to IEC 61508, Edition 2, part 1 to 7, SIL 3. It also meets the requirements of EN 13849 (PL e). The operating system and middleware are also SIL 3 safe and TÜV-certified.

Based on HICore 1, the smallest TÜV-certified safety controller, HIMA enables innovative product and system manufacturers to create safe solutions ready for certification. Your advantage: shorter time-to-market.

Our supply capabilities range from a single chip to a complete application on a circuit board. You decide the appropriate structure for your HICore solutions. As your safety coach we support you from the initial specification right through the final TÜV acceptance test.

HICore TÜV Zertifikat

HICore 1 - TÜV-certified. Safe. Better. Easy.

Integrated safety for your product

Why a TÜV-certified safety system-on-chip (SoC)? Products are becoming more complex and safety requirements more rigorous. Mandatory certifications of safety critical systems in the future are likely. Using HICore 1 to integrate TÜV-certified safety into your product makes safety a key selling benefit today.

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  • Logistics with HICore
  • Health care with HICore
  • Energy-generating plants with HICore
  • Sensor and actuator technology with HICore
  • Industrial process and control with HICore

Technical Details

HICore 1 integrates the key functions of a HIMA safety system on a single IC. The SoC and operating system are TÜV-certified. TÜV-certified middleware simplifies the implementation of safety-related applications in C/C++. A graphical engineering tool is also available. The communication system is interference-free.

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