Integration without compromise.

Integration & safety

End-users are responsible for the safe operation of their plants. They must ensure that safety functions and standard functions are permanently separate from one another and non-interacting, throughout the entire life-cycle of the plant – which includes maintenance, modification and upgrades.

When it comes to safety, cross-manufacturer integration admits of no compromise. Comprehensive technical integration of data between safety and control system goes perfectly with the separation of systems in terms of hardware and software, since only this:

Lifecycle analysis of failures causing malfunction of the SIS.

An analysis of the errors that have led to the failure of safety systems (HSE survey) makes it clear that people are usually the cause. A mixture of safe and non-safe elements within hardware and software, which increases complexity and with it the propensity to failure, therefore cannot be the right solution.

Particularly in view of the long operating periods of plants, during which changing staff and outside personnel often become involved, a clear separation of safe and non-safe elements helps to maintain an overview - and therefore the safety of your plant.

How does the cost of an unplanned plant shut-down, or the cost incurred by a disaster, compare with the promised - but seldom realised - potential savings of a proprietary integrated solution?

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